The Hormone Handbook - 2nd Edition

The first edition has been a tremendous success among physicians. The long-awaited second edition with improvements in many sections of the book will boost their enthusiasm:

Added: 30% more practical information in 850 pages.

Added: Six new chapters on major hormones that will change the physician’s practice: IGF-1 and insulin, both possibly more potent than growth hormone, vasopressin the wrinkle-reducer, oxytocin the orgasm-restorer, MSH therapies far more potent than testosterone for male and female sexuality, and parathormone, the major anti-osteoporosis hormone.

Added: Updated scientific references with essential data that justifies the use of hormone therapies better than ever: protective effects of hormones in cancer patients, increased risk of disease in patients whose hormone levels remain within the lower half of the reference range, etc.

Hertoghe, Thierry M.D.
Price: $395.00